About On Demand Auto

On Demand Auto Sales is not your traditional ‘used car dealership’.  We think it does not make sense to carry a large inventory of cars in the hopes that a customer will walk in the door and buy one of the cars on the lot.

Both Chris and Mark have purchased cars before both used and new as regular consumers and have gone through the process of buying a car. Here is how it usually works:

  1. A customer goes to a car dealership, either new or used.
  2. The customer talks to a sales rep about a car they like.
  3. The customer may or may not go for a test drive.
  4. Sales rep gives them a price which then has to be approved by management.
  5. Customer walks away with price and goes onto the next dealership.
  6. Customer repeats steps 1-5 until the lowest price is found.

The process does not make sense to us and is a waste of time to both the customer and the dealership.

That’s why we are doing things differently.  We keep our costs low because we don’t have a lot full of inventory and each car is sourced specifically for its new owner. Our lower costs give you lower prices!

All our cars will come with a 30-point inspection and a Road Safety Certification to provide you with peace of mind while on the road. We can also provide you with a service and scheduled maintenance to keep your new car in perfect running condition.

Overall, we will work with you to find your perfect pre-owned car with the budget that you have. And don’t worry, just because we are doing things differently we are still a registered dealer with Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) and a member of Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario (UCDA) giving our customers the confidence and assurance of their purchase.

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